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In this fast pace business environment new marketing technologies keep coming into the picture, resulting in evolving advertising possibilities. These updates heavily affect mediums like rich media, handheld gadgets, digital billboards, SEM, etc. In this wake, there is a great opportunity to explore new strategies and overlook traditional ones such as direct mail.

Direct mailing is still one of the most reliable and effective ways to reach your target audience. With this strategy, you can reach a wider audience than you do with other mediums. In addition, you get a richer list and targeting opportunities to grow your business!


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Print Mailers is a leading digital, commercial and direct mail marketing provider. While our specialty is direct mail marketing we are a traditional printer at heart. So that means that everything from door hangers, business cards, pocket folders to banners we got your covered.






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Why Direct Mail Still Matters.

With direct mailing, you benefit from few restrictions on message contents and formats. There are no filtering or blacklisting issues.

According to International Communications Research, people prefer receiving things via direct mail. The organization conducted a study to find that nearly 73% of participants prefer receiving new product announcements by mail. In addition, 18% of them prefer to receive the same via email. About 86% of people prefer direct mail for official correspondence, like financial reports, bills, and bank statements, compared to 10% for email.

One of several surefire ways to reach your target audience with the least chances of getting ignored is to send direct mails. It’s a personal, profitable and tangible way of marketing and advertising.

Though the way of direct mailing may evolve, it will always be a part of the mix of smart, direct marketing companies.

What is EDDM marketing?

Every Door Direct Mail marketing lets you deliver marketing mailers to every address in a defined geographic area: by neighborhood, by city or by ZIP code. Campaigns can be local or national. You can choose to target only residential addresses or both business and residential addresses, depending on your customer base. EDDM is cheaper than mailing to targeted lists; in order to provide cost savings.

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