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20 Best Free Brochure Templates for Google Docs & MS Word

Editing a Free Brochure Templates for Google Docs & MS Word

Although most businesses use digital means to market themselves on various platforms, traditional ways such as brochures still prove effective. A brochure will help you to pass your marketing message at an affordable rate. In addition, if you’ve got attractive free brochure templates design and message, it’ll take you less effort to attract potential customers’ attention. 

However, to make these cost-effective brochures, you need to use a free app that will require only your expertise to produce. Do you know the free brochure templates to use in this case? Read on and learn about the 20 best free brochure templates for google docs and MS word.

1. Use the Free Google Docs Brochure Booklet, Free Brochure Templates

Google docs allow you to access various brochure templates from google drive. But if you want to use them, you’ve got to search for them by opening google docs. Then go to the files, select new, and click on from template. After doing this, you’ll get many free brochure templates you can use to promote your hustle. 

2. Free Travel Brochure for MS Word, Free Brochure Templates

Travel Brochure

You can use this free MS word template to design a great marketing tool for your travel business. However, you can also use it for making hotel or camp brochures at will. It uses a trifold layout that allows you to change the colors and fonts according to your brand preference. 

3. Consider the Free MS Word Sports Brochure Template

Sports brochure

You can also download the sports template for marketing your sports club or gym. It’s got an outstanding design that allows you to be creative with colors, images, and fonts while creating your brochure. In addition, these templates have a big space that allows you to fix your logo and call to action. After that, you can consider printing the brochures for promoting your sports business. 

4. Free Blue Spheres Brochure Template for Word

Another free template you can use to create your brochure is the blue spheres that are visually appealing tri-fold. It’s easy to use and has a step-to-step guide on how to create the brochure. In addition, you can create a customized brochure as it allows you to include your photos, colors, and fonts. 

5. Use the Free Vivid Shapes Event Brochure

You can also use the vivid shapes template for MS word to design colorful brochures for your business. It will help you create a brochure with modern and vibrant colors. But it allows you to make a customized color scheme with the tools on the MS. 

The best thing about using this template is its visual appeal which will help you attract potential clients. It also shows you how to create the texts in a step-by-step guide. You can then print your brochure, have a snap collection, and distribute it to different people to promote your show, seminar, or party. 

6. Go for the Tri Fold Brochure Template with Clean Design

Another free template for designing a brochure you can use is the clean trifold template. Since this template is simple, you can use it to design a brochure for any business. You only need to understand how to use photoshop and words to make customized brochures.

7. Consider Using the Fashion Brochure for MS Word

Fashion brochure

If you want to design a fashion brochure without spending a cent, consider using a fashion template for MS Word. It comes with a preset color scheme, but you can customize it to your preferred one. You can also change the font and images depending on what’s in your mind.  

8. The Restaurant Brochure Template for MS Word

Restaurant brochure

If you want to promote your restaurant business with a brochure, use the free restaurant brochure template to promote it. Although this template has a red and black color scheme, you can customize it to your preferred choice. You can also change the font and back design using the trifold design. This template is also for those in the hospitality and food industry. 

9. The Brochure Template for Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofit brochure

You don’t need to spend money designing brochures for non-profit organizations while there are free nonprofit brochure templates for this. Use the free brochure for non-profit organizations to ask for help or donations. This template uses the trifold layout and has a simple design that easily allows you to share the messages. You get to work with colors of your choice and can also use images and a call to action.

10. The Free MS Word Brochure Template for Professional Use

Another free professional brochure template for MS word that allows you to use the corporate design is this one. It’s ideal for either law, accounting, or any profession with such services. In addition, it has built-in tools that enable the creation of a customized brochure template in MS word. 

11. Use the Free Brochure Template for Schools

School brochure

If you’ve got a school you need to promote, this is the best free school brochure template to use. It allows you to include crucial information about your school business. You’ll not struggle using it as it’s got a guide which shows you all the steps. It has a preset trifold template, but you can customize one using your images and color or font.   

12. The Free Brochure Template for MS Word

You can also consider this free MS Word template to design promotional tools for your business. It has a watercolor theme suitable for event organizers, beauty parlors, and bridal service companies. It uses the trifold layout and adequate space to write your company’s details and a call to action. You don’t need professional knowledge to design these templates as it’s got a guide for each step and is easy to use. 

13. Rose Suite MS Word Brochure Template

You can also use this rose suite template to design a brochure for any industry. Using MS Word, you can edit the template to your preferred colors, fonts, and images. But you can also add anything that you feel is important for the brochure to be attractive. This template is easy to use, but it also includes a detailed guide on using it.

14. The Free Downloadable MS Word Brochure

The free downloadable is another brochure template you can download for free with a unique color scheme and a full-color background. You can make your design with ease and print them by yourself or hire a professional printing company to do it. It allows you to use your photos and fonts. You can use the templates for promoting your business or personal use.

15. The Brochure Template for MS Word

This free template is for a brochure with beautiful designs and an attractive color scheme to market your company. It has pre-programmed fonts and designs and uses trifold, but you can customize all these and include your photos. 

16. Go-Go Travel Brochure Template for Google Docs

Another brochure template you can use to promote your travel business is this one of Go-Go travel. It gives you more pic options to use in the header or the footer region. But you can use your photos instead to create an excellent brochure according to your preference. 

It has a single-color selection and a world map consisting of dots at the upper part. You only need to learn how to edit the template to meet your needs. 

 17. Annual Report Brochure Template

Annual report brochure

If you’re to submit a report to your office, you can simplify your work with the annual report brochure for google docs. You can also make a customized brochure template to accommodate other kinds of reports. But you need to understand how to make the changes. This template has 33 pages that can fit most of your reports. It also allows you to add or remove pages and make copies too. It’s got a blue color theme which gives it a professional look. 

 18. Use the White Paper Brochure for Google Docs

Another brochure template for google docs you can use is a white paper which is beautiful and straightforward. You can also redesign the template to make flyers or a report depending on your needs. Note that there is a marketplace like Etsy where you’ve got to buy the brochure templates. 

 19. Printing Press

The printing press also enables you to create free brochure templates on google docs but with limited options. In addition, you can use it to make custom-made brochure templates and print or share them with various people. 

 20. Use the Free Architecture Template for MS Word

Architecture brochure

If you’re in the construction or architecture sector, this is the free architecture brochure template to use. It uses a trifold layout and allows you to make customized templates by changing color and fonts. In addition, it has both the front and back design, giving you enough space to write your company’s details. 

Understanding Premium Templates, You Can Use to Design a Brochure for MS Word and Google Docs

Although you can use the free brochure templates to promote your businesses, most of them have limited options that cannot give you the desired results. Therefore, it’s advisable to use the premium flat rate brochure templates, especially if you’re a professional, to avoid this. With them, you’re sure to get better results and faster. 

One of the market places you can buy these premium brochure templates is the Evanto elements, saving you time looking for the free stuff. It allows you to download several templates for different project use. You can make beautiful brochure templates using Evanto elements. The premium option has lots of brochure templates that are professional. You can design brochure templates for words and others like web templates, fonts, and stock photos. You’ll spend less money on the monthly subscription but get the best designs.

Another premium template marketplace you can use is the GraphicRiver which has attractive designs. It’s best for those who prefer buying templates individually. They will help you create a great design faster without spending money except for the data bundles. You can get the brochure templates from these marketplaces: the funeral brochure, simple brochure template for MS word, amongst others.

Tips You Can Use to Design Good Brochure Templates

After downloading the free brochure templates, the work doesn’t stop there. It would help if you also learned how to design better brochures that will attract more potential customers.  To achieve that, you should;

  • Create your texts and images beforehand

If you want to make better brochures take time to create the messages, you’ll print on them. Also, choose the photos you’ll use in advance to give you ample time to design. Doing this will also make your work easier as you only paste or drag the images on the MS word brochure template, and you’re done.

  • Avoid using several fonts

If you want your brochure to look neat and presentable, don’t use more than two fonts. It will also make it look professional and not too cluttered. You can use either sans-serif or serif, which are the legit fonts.

  • Chose the fold you’d wish to use

It would help if you also chose the fold you’re going to use on the template layout. Then, you can either use the trifold or bifold layout depending on your design and the length of the message. With this, you’ll know the best template to use.

  • Use quality photos

If you want to have a presentable brochure, ensure you’ve got quality photos that won’t lose their resolution after printing or sharing to different platforms. Of course, you can use quality cameras to shoot your photos. But if you download them go for the high-density photos.

  • Don’t forget to include a call to action

Remember this is a marketing tool you intend to use to increase your customer base and profits. To get this right to ensure the final copy that you’ll print or share has a call to action. With this message, your potential clients will understand better what you want to achieve. For example, if you’re promoting an event, you can include a discount on the first people to buy the tickets. 

Things You Need to Do While Using Free Brochure Templates for MS Word and Google Docs

Before you design a brochure template, you’ve got to understand that they serve a different purpose. For this reason, you need different skills to make each template as they’re not the same. To make the best brochure you need to;

  • Make it have a professional design; you need to ensure the final design of the brochure looks professional, even if it’s for personal use. 
  • Also, it would help if you made a quality brochure; this is possible through high-resolution images, high-quality logos, icons, colors, and illustrations. 
  • You should also add a bleed so that after the photos go through the canvas printing, they come out clear and of high quality. Finally, don’t forget to check on the size of the brochure template so that it meets your final print requirement.
  • But most importantly, check on the software compatibility as some templates are only in one format. For example, you can use InDesign to control the brochure template. But if you’re a beginner, the word option will give you an easy time. 


If you want to design a brochure for your business, don’t strain much looking for professional help, which might be costly. Instead, use any of the above brochure templates that come with step-to-step guidelines that are easy to follow and reduce your expenses. But you need to ensure you create great designs that will capture your potential customers. 

Also, consider the message you need to include in the brochure, like a call to action, driving customers towards your main goal. But don’t forget some of these free editable templates might be limited and hard to find. So, you can opt for the premium options, which can be accessed by paying cheap subscription fees.   

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