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Letter Mailers: Small Packages with Big Results

The Letter Package is the “Rolls-Royce” of the direct mail world. The top 10 direct mail pieces in history are all letter packages. The reason is obvious- the letter package (traditionally) sells the best.

It’s been said “the letter sells, the brochure tells, the reply card compels.” Let the letter sell! A major component of selling is education, another is relationship-building, removing obstacles, and finally the close. Use all of these to your maximum advantage.

The Letter
Best case, your letter should be personalized, and utilize personalization throughout your letter. Utilize the data you have- even if you’re sending 250,000 direct mail packages, personalization has the power to appear personally sent.

Looking at your mailing list, does it contain personal information or lifestyle demographics? Think of creative ways to craft your letter to zero in on prospective buyers. A list with birthdates could be used to send a coupon to the spouse of the upcoming birthday boy or girl. Talk about someone ready to spend some cash!
Other ideas to boost response: Peel-off label, post-it note, tear-off coupon. Notice all of these engage the reader in action.

When your prospect opens the mail box, you’ve got less than five seconds to make an impression. They are standing by the trash- either they’ll open it immediately, set it aside for later, or chuck your hard work in the dumpster. The envelope may be your only shot, so make it count.

The Brochure
Now that you have their attention, add a Brochure Mailer to give your prospect more information with a well-designed brochure. Color does better than plain, large images better than small. The content should expand the information contained in the letter, and it’s tone should be more educational than “sales-ey.” Repeat your offer and call to action. Repeat your guarantee; give your prospect all the reasons in the world to order now, and simultaneously remove all the doubts that you can.

Letter Mailers are printed, folded and inserted into a #10 window envelope which can include minimal copy up to 2 colors on one side.


Effective Uses

  • Financial & Mortgage
  • Sales Letters
  • Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Credit Offers
  • Seminars
  • Anytime you want to include personal information in your mailer

Direct Mailing Services:

  • Processing of a Single List
  • CASS certification to improve address quality
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Postal presorting ensures lowest postage rates
  • USPS on-site verification & acceptance speeds up in-home dates

Product Details

  • 8-1⁄2×11″ Letter Package
  • 8-1⁄2×14″ Legal Package
  • 2 or 4 colors, single side
  • Printed on 60# offset paper
  • Personalized or Generic
  • Includes #10 white Window Envelope
  • Envelope printed 1 or 2 colors on front side

Included in Price

  • Printing letter and envelope from print-ready art
  • Electronic PDF proof
  • Folding and inserting into #10 Window Envelope

Additional Options

  • Perforation for tear-off coupons
  • Insert a brochure into package
  • Second Side printing
  • Scratch Offs & Post-Its®
  • Business Reply Card
  • Live Stamps
  • Closed-face Envelope
  • Brown Kraft Envelope

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