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Top 11 Free Database Software for Small Businesses in Texas

Database Software

First, let’s understand what a database is so that we may not lose any beginners in the process. The database is a collection of structured data that makes it easy for your small businesses in Texas to access and manage data. Organizing large volumes of data helps improve access and manipulation of data without delays. 

With enhanced accessibility of the database, multiple users can retrieve data and make edits with ease. A database can store numerical data, text, binary data, or dates. There are different types of database software based on their way of database structure management.

As your business grows, you need to get a sound database system to keep track of your records and for the smooth running of your business. Database software can be helpful in every kind of institution, for example, banking, airline management, schools, hospitals, and many more.

Let’s Look at Some of the Benefits of Having a Sound Database System

1.  Easy access to information, small businesses in Texas

You realize that as your business is growing, demand for more staff increases. That means that you are not the only one who needs the information that essentially runs your business. In that case, you don’t want everybody running to you to access information. 

With an excellent centralized database system, your staff can access the information they need to keep things running. In addition, multiple users can access data simultaneously.

2.  Human resource management, small businesses in Texas

With a large workforce, it isn’t easy to do things manually. For example, keeping track of employee’s working hours, their payslips, etc. A good HR database can help you keep all those records safely so that when you need that data, you can access it, manipulate it from a central location, and head to other tasks.

3.  Inventory management, small businesses in Texas

Keeping track of individual items in your inventory can be tricky. In most cases, you are more likely to run out of stocks or have excesses. A sound database system can help you keep track of your inventory, making sure that your inventory levels are at all times balanced. That saves you the hustle of losing clients due to stakeouts or expiries due to overstocking.

4.  Planning and forecasting, small businesses in Texas

A sound database system not only helps you run your business at the moment, but with the data store, you can forecast and plan for the future. For example, it is easy to tell how much you are likely to make in the coming months, depending

on how you performed previously.

5.  Saving your client’s information, small businesses in Texas

For companies where it’s vital to have clients’ records stored for easy future retrieval, having a good database is a must. For example, when running a healthcare institution, keeping the client’s information is vital and having a database system is not negotiable.

6.  Information and data security, small businesses in Texas

You need a database system to store sensitive information in your business rather than lying around in a dusty file somewhere. The point is, database software provides a more secure space for your data. In addition, with some database software having superior security features such as encryption, you can confidently store your data knowing no one else has access.

My coffee shop is doing well, by the way. I know it sounds like bragging, but I don’t mind that; I’ve been accused several times. 

Anyway, I’ll tell you more about that later.

When I was starting, I didn’t understand why I would ever need a database. After all, people just come in, take their coffee and leave. But along the way, I found it challenging to keep track of what was happening in the five branches. I needed to regulate stock, keep track of the sales, expenses, and even pay staff.  It was a headache that caffeine wouldn’t cure. So, I got myself a great database, and things are smooth, I tell you. 

However, choosing a suitable database was something I found agonizing because not everything out there will suit your needs. That’s why I’ll take you through some of the

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Database System for Your Small Businesses in Texas

1. Cost of Implementation and Running

To be honest, it’s not cheap to set up a database system, but then the investment is worth a try. However, don’t be tricked into thinking that the most expensive database software is always the best. While there are many database software to choose from, your decision should be guided by how much service the database software offers your business. The features the database software offers should be able to serve your business needs satisfactorily. Database software could be expensive, but most of its features do not meet your business needs. So, compare the ones that you feel could serve you best and go for the most cost-effective one.

2. Ease of Use

The database software you choose to invest in should be able to make your work easy. For example, it should have features that enable you to filter through data and retrieve information quickly. It should also have editing tools and backup systems. The whole point of having a database system is to relieve your stress, so the more efficient it is, the better.

3. Data Security

The need for data security is crucial. Just like you wouldn’t want anybody peeping through your bedroom, it’s risky to have a database system that would allow unauthorized access to your

data. But then again, data security doesn’t only revolve around being accessed by outsiders. It also means having a good backup where your information would not get lost or corrupted easily.

4. Easy Integration

For big businesses, one software might not be enough to perform all the required tasks. In addition, some tasks might need other support software for better results. Therefore, the kind of database software you choose for your business should allow integration with other software that your business might need to incorporate for best performance.

5. Future Updates and Developments

Times change and business needs also change. Your database software might need future updates and developments for ease of use and better performance. The flexible the database

Software is to change; the better I will be for you and your business.

6.  Support from the Providers

It’s advisable to go for database software with a support team in place to answer your queries and help you solve minor issues. Database software with a support team that is available at all times makes your work a lot easier. That is because even without coding knowledge and expertise, you know your issues will be sorted when problems arise.

With that said, I’m confident that you can wisely select the most efficient database software for your business. Now, let me take you through the top 10 free database software.

#1. Knack, for Small Businesses in Texas

Knack is a cloud-based database system that allows you to build an online database that you can access remotely. It comes with templates that you can customize to enhance your workflow. The best thing is that the providers have created a support portal to serve you better. You can also call, text, email, or Skype to air your problems and have them solved. The other reason you might want to try Knack out is that you can store large data sets, so if you have a large company with numerous data, you are sorted. Check out the Knack reviews here.

#2. MongoDB, for Small Businesses in Texas

MongoDB is also a reliable free database software that you can deploy. The great thing I have found about MongoDB is that it is secure. It has a security feature that ensures network isolation, for example, IP whitelisting, encryption at rest, encryption on transit, and virtual private cloud. In addition, minor upgrades are automated and continuous backup to ensure you don’t lose your data. Who wouldn’t want a safer place for data storage? And it’s all free.

#3. CouchDB Free Database Software, for Small Businesses in Texas

CouchDB is an open-source document-oriented database from apache software developers. The only shortcoming it has is that you need basic coding knowledge to implement. But if you have coding skills in handy, you are good to go. So what’s good about CouchDB? 

It can replicate to your other devices, for example, a Smartphone, even when you are offline. Then, once back online, CouchDB will sync the changes for you. Isn’t that awesome? 

Check more about CouchDB and reviews here.

#4. Cubrid, for Small Businesses in Texas

One of the best features I came across with Cubrid is high performance. It is an open-source database management system from Cubrid Corporation. The only disadvantage is that it’s specially designed for Linux and Microsoft windows. However, Cubrid supports online and offline backup, supporting a wide range of data types. So how much do you need for Cubrid installation? It’s all free.

#5. Oracle Free Database Software, for Small Businesses in Texas

Oracle is suitable for online transactions and other mixed database workloads, including warehousing. Multiple users can concurrently access information without delays. You have

a reliability guarantee, and your data is secure. Another added advantage is the ease of integration with other software and backup features for all kinds of failures. Oracle has excellent reviews from previous users that you can read here to boost your confidence, and it’s all free.

#6. Firebird Database Software, for Small Businesses in Texas

Firebird is also an open-source database for windows, Linux, and mac. It can hold massive volumes of data, and it’s free for commercial use. The latest version, firebird 4, supports incremental backup and online backup. It is easy to deploy and supports large amounts of data up to 20 terabytes. In 2007 firebird was awarded the best project for enterprise and best user support awards by the SourceForge community. In 2009 it was also the finalist on the best project for the government. That tells you it’s a leading database that you can trust with handling your data.

#7. DynamoDB, for Small Businesses in Texas

DynamoDB is a reliable database with built-in security and backup systems to protect your data. Some reputable companies that utilize DynamoDB include Toyota, Samsung, Netflix, Nike, among others. In addition, it has a shorter response rate, and you don’t need servers to maintain your data. You can read more about DynamoDB here.

#8. MySQL Free Database Software, for Small Businesses in Texas

With MySQL, you can enjoy expert support, fast response time, and data security. It’s suitable for high-volume websites, and it works even when the network is unavailable. It’s also easy to

use with no limitation on data storage. You can download MySQL and install it manually from source code or build if unique customization is required. Reviews from previous users suggest that it’s a fast, reliable, and multi-user database system.

#9. SQL Server, for Small Businesses in Texas

Is Microsoft SQL free? Yes! The 2019 express version is free also. SQL Server is a relational database software developed by Microsoft that stores and retrieves data requested by other applications. In addition, SQL enables encryption of sensitive data and accelerated recovery regardless of how large your number of transactions. On the other hand, you can easily upgrade to newer versions with automated updates without compromising your existing data. It’s also easy to install without the need for extensive configurations.

#10. MarkLogic, for Small Businesses in Texas

You can enjoy reduced load time in case of hardware failure as MarkLogic can run over multiple servers. It has built-in security features, and it also provides encryption. Marklogic can be applied in banking, fraud prevention, master data management, insurance claims management, and underwriting, among others. MarkLogic has positive reviews that you can check out here to boost your confidence before entrusting the database with your business.

#11. Interbase Free Database Software, for Small Businesses in Texas

Interbase is also a free database software that you can utilize. Data is encrypted for maximum security. It is fast with high response rates, and you can install it in seconds. The best thing about InterBase is that it has rapid recovery features following a crash or system failure. It has previously been used in helicopters, medical equipment, and tanks where data recovery time is critical. Here is more about InterBase.


A database collects organized and structured data in a centralized location that makes it easy to access and manipulate data.

Database software helps you manage your inventory to prevent stakeouts and excesses. It also saves your client’s and employee’s information. In addition, it allows you to forecast and plan for the future, and it offers a safe and secure storage place.

To get the right database management system for your business, you need to understand the needs of your business first.

Consider the cost of your database and maintenance. The most expensive database software might not always be the best one for you.

A sound database management system should be compatible with other software, which you might need to incorporate later for optimum performance.

Security features should be your number one priority while choosing a database management system. Make sure no unauthorized access can be permitted, and there are backup features to secure your data.

Consider also the ease of update and future upgrades. The best systems have automated updates that do not affect storage.

It’s also important to check that you have access to a support team if a problem arises with your database.

The best free database software includes Knack, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cubrid, oracle, firebird, dynamo DB, MySQL, SQL server, and MarkLogic. Most of this database management software is easy to deploy, and they have robust security features like encryption to secure your data.

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